Monday, July 16, 2012

Growing up

I'm growing up...
weird? yeah it's weird

I went to california a couple weeks ago so go to my cousin Talia's wedding reception and was blown away with how much me her and Callie (another cousin) have all grown up.

I am going on a misson
Talia just got married
and Callie is expecting a baby!!


I still remember playing barbies, or talking about boys, or what we were going to be
when we grew up!!

welp it's here and it's not slowing down!

I haven't written it on here yet
[maybe because I completely neglect my blog ALL the time]
but I am going on a mission and I am serving in the
Washington D.C. South Mission and I report July 25

That's in 9 days!! 9!!
Say what?!!

Yeup I am growing up

In a different way than I ever thought I would since I always thought I was going to be the typical mormon girl. Graduate, go to college, get married at 21 and have a kid by 23.

ha let's be honest

I am not a typical mormon girl and I am 23 and certainly not married and I have no kids.

But I love my life and how it has turned out! I have gone on so many different adventures and met so many amazing wonderful people who have changed my life in ways I never knew were possible. Yes at times it hurt and yes I wondered when my chance to graduate from the YSA life would be but it's not my time yet and now I know why.
 I was always supposed to serve a mission.
The more I think about it, it's makes so much sense. well to me anyway.
But the timing just wasn't right. I have the strongest testimony in timing, going at 21? I think I would have had a heart attack and not been strong enough to endure. Not because I couldn't but because I didn't know myself well enough and I wasn't comfortable enough in my own skin to go out and teach.
But now?
I most certainly am!

I am going to miss my family, but I have them for eternity!! So it gives me that much more incentive to want to go out and serve the Lord and help other families become knowledgeable and come unto Christ that they may also be able to be with their families forever.

Growing up...

Ha who wooda thought...

Come What May and Love it! 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Feeling beautiful

I had the most amazing opportunity to work with a beautiful photographer Kendyl to take some "pre-missionary" pictures. Mostly just because I haven't ever had picture taken of me before, well not like where I am making a completely ridiculous face in every shot, but where I actually feel beautiful. Well this girl definitely made me feel right at home. I normally spaz out when a camera comes out and so going to the shoot I was really nervous. But thanks to her I felt so comfortable in my skin it was wonderful! So just because I feel beautiful I feel the need to show off a little, in the most humble way possible :] here are some of my favorite shots of the day!

 Thank you, thank you, thank you Kendyl you are a miracle worker!

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Where will I go next?!

Hello fellow bloggers!
I have some exciting news!

I am going to serve a mission for my church, the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints! I turned in my papers on Sunday so I have from 10 days to three weeks to find out where I will be serving!! Oh my goodness I am so excited!! If you are reading this take a second and tell me where you think I am going to be sent! :)

I am also graduating this week! Such exciting things have happened and are just about to! This summer is going to be jam packed with vacation after vacation! I am so beyond excited I can't even contain my joy!! I will also be teaching classes as well! It is going to be so eventful!

Happy Wednesday! It's a good day :)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Splinter from HE double Hockeysticks

I am here. In my hospital room trying to figure out how I was to write this. As a timeline, story, both. Eh lets do both. I will break it down by days so you can choose which ones you would like to read. I am going to go into detail so this is a kind of diary for me so that I don't forget this story and I can tell everyone because it's pretty ridiculous! I mean who goes into the doctors office with a mysterious splinter in their foot and comes out from the hospital five days later with a toothpick?!? But I am getting ahead of myself. Lets go back to Tuesday.
Tuesday was probably one of the longest days I've had in a long time (so I thought). I woke up bright and early [like... 8..ish] to get ready and try to look cute for my head shot [aka... the ugly A picture that ends up on your drivers license for forever] because I was heading to the DMV to get a grown ups license. I thought it was finally time for an upgrade since I'll be 23 next month. I endured the ridiculously long lines and was called up to a bunch of different windows, paid my dues, [finally] registered to vote, and walked up to get my picture taken. I was all ready then he dryly said, "Look here and smile on three," "onetwothree". *flash*. "Here's your number wait for your name to be called." Waited... waited... waited some more and then finally my name was called. I walked up, took my registration and license out of her hand and traded her with my "Now Play toy license" and walked outside Looked down at my "grown up" license only to find a supa close up shot of a confused smile and deer in the head light eyes... classy... Feeling a little more grown up I raced home to grab some grub and run out the door to class.
This class is a photoshop class t and th from 1-3:30, which I will sum up as the worst class I have ever taken, the teacher was... well, not a teacher, We taught ourselves out of the book and/or I would ask the kid next to me, and we would leave by 2:30. So people were dropping like flys, but there was still a good pertion left. But I hadn't been for a couple weeks because I had ACDFA, and then spring Break so when I walked in to see a different teacher with only 6 out of the 20 kids that started the class left, I was a little confused. I smiled, said my name, looked at my partners confused, they both smiled and whispered "She resigned". Haha I knew it was coming. This class turned from the worst to the best in one day. I'm super stoked about the new instructor.
Since she was new, she took the entire time which meant I had to haul A into Mesa to make it to my teaching class at 4. My classes are adorable and they work so hard even though they are 3 4 and 5 year olds. I love them! [can't wait for the recital it's going to be great!]
Then it was time for me to go to the church to teach the YSA Swing dance. We were supposed to meet at 8 but I was the only one there, and then a whole crap load of guys came in to play basketball [they had already been kicked out of a couple other buildings]. I was a little annoyed but figured their were more of them then who would probably show up for me so I decided to be nice and move to the primary room. Once in there practice was great! I taught a bunch to some people that hadn't been at the last practice and was getting ready to move on to the partner stuff [totally excited about]. I was figuring it all out, doing some fun triple step moves when I dug my foot down and fell right to the ground. I grabbed my foot and automatically tried to pull out whatever brought me down. I figured it was just a small piece of something but whatever it was just broke off in my fingers. Liesle Ashby then took a go at it. We found the Church's first aid kit [which needs to be updated A-sap] and found some plastic tweezers, little scissors, gauze and a band aid. We both took turns trying to get at it, but it was just too deep and to thick for either of us to get it. So I called it a night, ended practice and told everyone to go home and I went to the Urgent Care.
The doctor I was given was nice but, brutal. He stuck me with a needle to numb my foot and I about said every curse word in the book and then wanted to kick him in the face. He then proceeded to dig... and push.. and squeeze [again.. my foot, his face]and he also got little fragments but nothing big. He ordered an x-ray [this is when I met my best friends sister in law, ha small world] but he said it came back negative and thought he might have gotten it all. But just to be sure he gave me a card to a podiatrist, some pain meds, and sent me on my way.


I woke up at 8 and called the podiatrists office right away and was scheduled at 9:30 with a Dr. Askari. Hobled my way over and met the nicest man I have ever met. I told him what happened and that I still thought there was something in there, so he had one of his nurses do an ultrasound to see. And what do ya know, they see a little white dot about the size of an eraser head in my foot. I had been telling him how I am a dancer, that I teach, and take and am always on my feet so I really needed to get it out. He left the room and sent a claim to my insurence for an ASAP MRI. Came back in and told me that it was denied and they were going to have to review my case. SO he told me they were going to keep trying and let me know the update by three that afternoon. But I was not allowed to walk around and I had to stay off of it till he knew anymore about it. Makes sense. Still cried.
So to pass the time Mom and I went to lunch at Applebee's. She took me home I took both, the pain meds and the anti biotics I had just gotten, and fell asleep. I woke up around 5 to go attempt to teach my classes at 5:30 and right when I stood up I got terrible vertigo and I thought I was going to pass out, or upchuck. I didn't have a ride, thought I was going to throw up so I had to call and cancel class, I just didn't know what else to do with such short notice. [I love Callie Overstreet, that is all I have to say, she has been the greatest boss and friend through everything that could have happened, and then did happen this entire semester. Love her!] So I layed back down and tried to fall back asleep. All I know is that was the worst night ever. I cried all night because I had the craziest... everything. Stomach was twisted, my entire head was pounding, I couldn't walk, I was burning up. Uhg just awful.

 I woke up feeling just as bad if not worse than the day before. I decided I wasn't going to take any of the meds that either of the doctors perscribed because I was having a terrible reaction to them. I would rather just my foot hurt than my entire body be in anymore pain than it already was. So I tried to wait it out, but I hadn't heard back from Dr. Askari's office yet so I decided I had to call because I couldn't wait anymore. I left a message and then went back to sleep. When my mom came home to check on me I was a mess. My foot was infected, swollen, and hot and she wasn't going to have that. So she called the office again and talked to the doctor personally [love my mom, she is persistant, sometimes my eye twitches about it, but not this time she was full mamma bear and I was so grateful]. He told her to take me to the Emergency room at the hospital he does surgeries at and to tell them to look at the infection on my foot.
We got there around 1:30, was brought back into the ER rooms to wait at around 2. Talked to a couple different people repeating the same thing over and over again and then just waited, watched some good shows, and they put me on some anti Biotics, however I had a weird reaction to them so they had to give me different ones. Then waited again..... Till about 7:00 when the nurse came in to get me to go get a CT scan. Then brought me back to wait for my room to be ready. Finally about 9 they wheeled me up to my room to get nice and cosy with my new friend Bernidett [I named her just now, seems fitting], she hold's and pumps my IV's, yells real loud when there are bubbles in my tubes, and supplies me with all the good stuff. :) haha So I just got comfortable because I knew I was going to be there for a while.
That night is when all the fun happened and I wish I had someone to record me. They had decided to give me the anti biotics that I had a reaction to because they were so good they just gave me a shot of benedryl first. haha which made me super tired and loopy plus all the other meds they had me on I was super loopy and saying funny things, because I wasn't used to any of it, my body was in meds overload and didn't know what to do. hahaha ... awesome. ha


Woke up and ate a little of the hospital food but... not much because, let's just say, it was nasty. Mom came to keep my company and brought me some goodies, and a little later I was told by Dr.Vasiqes (one of my 5, yes 5 doctors) that there was nothing in my foot and nothing showed up on my scan. But I started to get teary eyed and he asked, "When you walk on it can you feel something in there?".. "I can't walk on it because it hurts to bad." So he started at my heal and pushed his way up my foot and when he hit the sweet spot he didn't even have to ask, I basically kicked him in the face it hurt so stinking bad! So he ordered an MRI and an x-ray just to be sure, because the scan and my reaction were showing two very different things.
So the waiting began again. 
Curtis and Rachel and their kids came to visit, brought ballons and pictures and cards. Avrie sat on the bed next to me and asked me what every little thing was and I answered her patiently because I love her curiosity. like what the IV was in my arm and what it did and why it was there. How to turn on the tv, where the sound came from. If she could make my bed go up and down. What Bernidett was for and why I was connected to her. haha love it. I played with Ellie bean and dax man and Bailey gave me a card she made and is so sweet. I love my family :) So they stayed and talked and played for a little bit and then they were on their way.
Waited some more watched a couple shows with dad and then the nurse finally came in to take me into do the MRI and some more x-rays. 
She brought me back to my room and then I just had to wait again. Later that night Tori and Darlene came to visit, and  Brother and sister LeSueur came and brought flowers [i love them all!]
Watched the Gold Mining show with muh dad, then he left and it was just me and Bernidett. 


Dr. Askari came in around 10 [I was still sleeping. There was nothing else to do] "ha Are you still sleeping?!" -"Yes, haha". -"Ok well we did find something in your foot when they finally took the MRI so we will be doing surgery today around 11:30 so call your parents and let them know if they want to be down here for it. "Okie, Dokie" Called the papa and he came to keep me company. [mom had musical rehearsal all day.] 
11:30 comes around and my nurse comes in to give me my regular dose of everything and tells me that they are running a couple hours behind so it wont be till around 1 or 2 that I will actually go into surgery. [I have had the nicest nurses the entire time I have been here, I wish I wrote everyone's names down so I could remember, but they were all really awesome.] 
Someone finally came in to get me for Surgery around 2, I was down in the surgery area [can't remember for the life of me what it is called haha. anyhoo. I answered a bunch of questions signed my life away on a bunch of papers and I was off. I was so nervous. I have never had surgery [I know this is super SUPER minor, but still I was nervous. I kept laughing with the guy taking me in there I said "meh, whats to be worried about, it's only an annoying splinter. haha" I remember scooting onto the table putting my left arm straight and then my left arm straight and then I was out.
I vaguely remeber scooting back onto my bed and being wheeled back into my little waiting area. and I know I was talking to people but I don't remember what I was saying that first thing I do remember saying is, "That's funny, I feel completely coherent right now I will totally remember everything we are talking about." hahaha the look on my anesthesiology face was priceless he laughed and said "Hahahaha, no you wont. You've already asked and said the same thing at least three times. haha" and then everyone laughed. Dang I wish I was recorded I guess I was really funny. ha. But after I said that I was completely coherent and I remember all the conversations. haha. They took me back up to my room hooked me up to Bernidett and my dad handed me a little urine cup with something inside[said that Dr. Askari said I asked to see it three times after surgery and he showed me three times, but that I probably still didn't know what it was and would ask again. hahaha] he was right because I had no idea till I saw it was, A BLUE TOOTHPICK [about an inch and a half long]. Yup. I had a blue toothpick in my foot all week with everyone telling me that I didn't. Ha. The nurse said it was the fastest surgery of the day. Only took 9 minutes. Took a bunch of pictures of it and me and my dad sent it to everyone haha 
It was out!! So then all I could do was sit... we watched NCIS and Psych Marathons awesome. Had visitors by David Palmer and Bishop and Sister Westergard who brought flowers! When everyone left I called it a night. 

Right away one of my other Doctors came in and told me I was staying one more night. so... I got comfortable. Mom and Dad came over with some yummy food, computers and a cool rolly thing I could put my knee on and roll around. Don't worry I did it all around my room. haha I was sick of sitting in my bed.
Liesle Ashby came to visit and I told her the whole story and as I was talking my nurse came and put the benedryl in my arm and immediately my speech slurred and I was super heavy and we were all laughing because I couldn't focus and my mouth was all droopy for a couple minuted. hahaha when she left for church we walked her out to her can and I went on a little walk ...well ride in my wheel chair. It was a beautiful day and I hadn't been outside in too many days so it was a lot of fun and Jonathan met up with us then! Around 5ish that night I had a party with everyone, Curtis and Rachel and there family and mom dad and Jonathan. Rachel brought goodies that were delicious, and everyone played games on their phones haha it was super funny. When everyone was leaving Dr. Askari came into talk to me [such a great doctor and such a nice guy, he was in regular clothes because he came from home to come talk to me.] We talked about my foot how it was numb and how it would be for a while. That when he opened up my foot the superficial nerves had to be cut. So some parts of my foot will be numb for a long time. He told me again how I had to stay off of it as much as I could and then asked me if I had any questions. We talked a little longer and then he was on his way. Jonathan had left so mom dad and I watched A Walk to Remember, then they left and now I am watching The fugitive.

Welp. I am off. I need my sleep and I will be discharged tomorrow. This has been one crazy crazy experience. Now I get to go back to life and see how well I do.

Come What May and Love it.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Looking back and seeing blessings

Wow I have lots to update on. I honestly can't remember all that happened, sadly [I need to keep up with a side journal or something!] Lets see I haven't updated this things since before school was in session, so I will start there.

I am apart of this amazing dance company called Instinct Dance Corps and it is amazing! I have grown so much and love every person that I work with! This semester we had 4 different dances choreographed by four amazing choreographer, first we had Mike Esperanza, next was Keith Johnson, then Chad Michael Hall, and last but not least Angela Rosenkrans. They were so beautiful and I had so much fun being in them!



We sadly didn't get a picture of Mikes but the costumes were beautiful
 [I loved my dress and wanted to steel it for myself!]

In my modern III class this semester we had the amazing opportunity to have choreographers from all over the US come and teach a week or two of classes for us and I am so so SO Amazingly blessed to have had that opportunity we had people like Chad Michael Hall, Brad Garner, Dana Nicolay Jessica Mumford, Christopher Dolder, Aaron McGloin, Carly Condor, Angela Rosenkrans and so many more, it was AMAZING! I will probably never get an experience like that anywhere and am loving SCC and the opportunities I get to have!!
Icing our aching bodies after some long days of practice! 

I also had a fun time in my electronic music class. I was able to have super amazing programs to work with and was able to learn how to create my own music. If only the programs weren't hundreds of dollars! I would have them and be making music all the time! But I did make 2 songs that I am very proud of! I'll have to find a way to get them on here. 

I am working lots right now and loving every second of it! I teach:

Beginning Modern
Beginning Jazz
Teen Jazz
Intermediate Contemporary
Intermediate Technique 
3 Year old Jazz
4 Year old Jazz
5 Year old Jazz

All of these girls whether they are 3 or 15 are my best friends and I am so grateful to be able to touch their lives in some way. They are seriously the highlight of my life right now I love love LOVE getting to share my passion of dance with such super cute girlies! 

Social life:
Well, Since I have been going to school most days from 9-4 and teaching from 4-8 dance is really the most dominating thing in my life which I would not complain about in the least! So social life is kind of on the back burner, I am planning on having it come more to the front for the 2 weeks that I have as a break from school and work, and so far it has been successful!

Halloween happened! Went to a super fun hanger dance party!

I have gone to disneyland twice in the little time that I have had as a break from dancing. 
Trip one

 "This Here in the WILDEST ride in the wilderness!!!"

 Michael David came to say hi!
 The freaking terrifying moving Ferris Wheel, First time and last time!

Trip 2!!
 Taken just for the Turner Boys!
 Christmas "It's a Small world?!" New Favorite ride!
 The Little Mermaid Ride 
{We're purtty}
 Tower of Terror of Course!
 Take picture of face in very large christmas tree ornament on Main street?!
Don't mind if I do!
 Love him!
Love her! 
[I actually went with her, her mom, and her niece! haha super fun family! Super fun trip!]

I have sung in a couple christmas choirs, I have gone to apple valley to visit the cousins and go christmas shopping! hit the jackpot on super cute designer clothes for under 10 bucks!
This is just target with mom and me being rul pretty.

 We put up the Christmas tree!!

She's pretty!

While in California with all the family the kids were getting restless one night so I taught them a couple dances! haha I got this one recorded and they just crack me up and asked to do it at least 10 times! I love them!! hahaha 

Happy Holidays!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Things I have done to occupy my time


Great books!

Also fantastic trilogy!

I can't wait for this sequel to come out! great book!

And then dance.

 Yup my last couple months has consisted of me reading and dancing!! It's been rather fantastic!

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Yes I am alive.

No I have nothing to post.

My life is soon to be full of

but I will wait [patiently]

like you

till that happens