Monday, July 16, 2012

Growing up

I'm growing up...
weird? yeah it's weird

I went to california a couple weeks ago so go to my cousin Talia's wedding reception and was blown away with how much me her and Callie (another cousin) have all grown up.

I am going on a misson
Talia just got married
and Callie is expecting a baby!!


I still remember playing barbies, or talking about boys, or what we were going to be
when we grew up!!

welp it's here and it's not slowing down!

I haven't written it on here yet
[maybe because I completely neglect my blog ALL the time]
but I am going on a mission and I am serving in the
Washington D.C. South Mission and I report July 25

That's in 9 days!! 9!!
Say what?!!

Yeup I am growing up

In a different way than I ever thought I would since I always thought I was going to be the typical mormon girl. Graduate, go to college, get married at 21 and have a kid by 23.

ha let's be honest

I am not a typical mormon girl and I am 23 and certainly not married and I have no kids.

But I love my life and how it has turned out! I have gone on so many different adventures and met so many amazing wonderful people who have changed my life in ways I never knew were possible. Yes at times it hurt and yes I wondered when my chance to graduate from the YSA life would be but it's not my time yet and now I know why.
 I was always supposed to serve a mission.
The more I think about it, it's makes so much sense. well to me anyway.
But the timing just wasn't right. I have the strongest testimony in timing, going at 21? I think I would have had a heart attack and not been strong enough to endure. Not because I couldn't but because I didn't know myself well enough and I wasn't comfortable enough in my own skin to go out and teach.
But now?
I most certainly am!

I am going to miss my family, but I have them for eternity!! So it gives me that much more incentive to want to go out and serve the Lord and help other families become knowledgeable and come unto Christ that they may also be able to be with their families forever.

Growing up...

Ha who wooda thought...

Come What May and Love it! 

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mckenzi said...

Ah! Michelle! This is so exciting, I am so excited for you you will make the most beautiful, talented sister missionary:)

Good luck with everything!! And don't feel too bad about the no kids/no marriage thing... looks like I will be baby-less for years to come haha Maybe we can catch up together when you get back from the mish?!:) Really though the Lords plan is so individual for all of us, and I am so excited that your plan is a mission for now! Have so much fun!